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New features: eSanou Messenger Bot Analytics

eSanou Messenger Bot Analytics is a very effective Bot that can display your complete page’s bot analytics graphically in terms of messaging conversation, new conversations, active conversations, blocked conversations, reported conversations etc. This module displays live analytics data of your page every time you see the result. Now you will know how many connections your page has and how many active conversations your page has day to day. Have an overall picture about the content you sent to people in terms of reports and blocks.

Key Features:

  • Messaging Connections
  • Daily Unique New Conversations
  • Daily Active Conversations
  • Daily Unique Blocked Conversations
  • Daily Unique Reported Conversations
  • Daily Unique Reported Conversations by Type
  • Daily Unique Reported Vs Blocked Conversations
  • Unlimited Page & Module Based Access Control
For more details, please visite the link bellow

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Are you done with Facebook Subscription Messaging, yet?

Please hurry up if you like to send non-promotional or broadcast messages to your subscribers.

Well, it is nothing to fear but yes the clock is ticking for you. You seriously need to get your subscription before the clock ticks 12 o’clock on December 31st, 2018.

With the chills of the season, Facebook will no longer take charge if you (your chatbot) is unable to take its subscription policy seriously. The amendment will certainly impact the ability of chatbots sending the subscription to the concerned customers. But, don’t get confused with the subscription of a newsletter and this.

Let dig to the news together with a hot cup of coffee…

What are Facebook Subscription Messenges?

Well, starting up with facebook messenger’s new rules…in the first 24 hours opting into messaging, you can very well send unlimited updates, promotional and non-promotional.

After 24 hours, you can send unlimited non-promotional updates and one promotional follow-up. This eloquent process is called the 24+1 Rule and what Facebook calls “standard messaging”. To start with, here you will get 17 odd types of purposes of email that you may use to shoot…

how to apply and get approved for chatbots subscription

Well, chat blast is available to all (firstly limited to first 24 hours) and then a second shot after that. But, if you want to be really static with this, you can jolly well pay for chat blasts any time via Facebook ads sponsored messages.

Till then, non-promotional chat blasts are available to all business-except for one type: non-promotional subscription messages.
On the other hand, non-promotional subscription message is sent by businesses that have been approved by Facebook for subscription messaging.

What are Facebook Broadcasting Messenges?

While the most common way to communicate with people on Messenger is via your messenger chatbot in one-to-one conversations, it is many times important to send messages to so many page subscribers.

Sending a message to many page subscribers would not be efficient to accomplish with general messaging, as each subscriber is required to message separately. For Messenger chatbots that need to send to a very high number of subscribers, broadcast messaging means sending messages in batches to add automation.

How to apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging?

Elegantly, there are two simple ways through which chatbots will help you to gain lead generations. So, without wasting any more minute in searching through the Google, let’s pen down down the adequate points it has…

  • Request subscription messaging in Facebook page setting:

From your Facebook page, go to Settings

Go to Messenger Platform

facebook messenger's new rules

Followed by Advanced messaging features, request Subscription Messaging

chatbot for lead generation
  • Complete the short 3 part application for subscription messaging process:

You can easily get Facebook subscription process in the three-way process which includes:
a) Choose a category
b) Describe the nature of your bots
c) Support it with a couple of examples

Starting with the first topic:
Here, you will get three types of basic categories like
3.Personal Tracking

Below that, you will have to add additional details related to the category you have chosen.

messenger marketing

For that instance, has chosen “News” from the category.

Well, the other category is too specific to get generally apply. Business bots help customers through relevant updates and industry information. In the details, describe the information and updates services your chatbots provides, like blog updates. In that case, let me remind you that eSanou App powered by Delphoma Inc sends out periodic alerts on important marketing news. To supports this, we present you with an example…

how to apply and get approved for chatbot subscription

You will also notice this, after successful approval of subscription messaging

subscription messaging

Tricks to write Facebook Subscription Messaging Request

Now, you need to be very smart that what you want to really pitch via your request. You cannot take this lightly.

By applying for subscription messaging, you’re agreeing not to send promotional messages under the non-promotional stuff outside of the 24+1 rule. The way that Facebook checks is with machine learning. If you sending too much promotional stuff you’ll get reviewed.

How long does subscription messaging review take?

Because the subscription request is a manual review process, the amount of time to be approved varies. It can take time from days to even months.

What happens if I don’t apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging?

We know that your brand seriously wants this subscription because you need to send out non-promotional and 24+1 promotional messages too. If you don’t apply or aren’t approve you have the option to send sponsored promotion messages. You’ll basically have to pay for every message you send.

Do I have to ask subscription messaging for every page?

Facebook is switching to page-level approval, so you all are said to make that for every page. Go into each Page’s setting to find the request form.

How would I know if my chatbot is a “news”, “productivity” or “personal tracking” chatbot?

The Facebook extends documentation especially for developers that describe a different category of chatbots.

  • “News” chatbots incorporate integration whose primary purpose is to inform people about recent events like sports, businesses, weather traffic and others.
  • “Productivity” chatbots use integration for managing personal productivity like calendar events and reminders.
  • “Personal Tracking” chatbots are more specifically tie to “personal trackers” that give updates on individual’s health, wellness, fitness and finance.
ultimate guide to messenger marketing and Facebook chatbots

Now, that you know what is to be done please don’t waste any more minute in thinking about what you should be doing. Your branding needs both types of subscriptions, so make this happen now or repent later.

For this purpose, we have developed an application named Messenger Brodcaster.

eSanou Messenger Broadcaster is a tools for broadcasting non-promotional structured message to Facebook page’s messenger leads.  You can send message to all messenger leads within few seconds. It’s super-fast.
There are two option to broadcast messages:
1.Quick Bulk Broadcast
2.Broadcast to BOT Subscriber

To access it, follow these steps

  1. Login to your account
  2. Once login, go to left menu and click to Messenger Broadcaster
  3. Click to Broadcast Eligible Pages to see eligible and approved pages by Facebook
  4. and so on

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Migrate Manychat, Chatfuel Or Others Old Messenger Leads Into

We are gladly informing you that Facebook has brought few changes and it becomes fortune to us. From now, you can migrate your old leads that you have achieved through using manychat or chatfuel or other services. can work with all old leads of your page’s messenger. From there you can send message but slowly.

eSanou BOT subscribers are those who give message & get reply from bot after enabling bot from eSanou. But good news is, now you can migrate your old leads from eSanou  into eSanou  subscribers. That’s really a big option opening for you. Just think about that you have thousands of leads on your pages and surprisingly these leads becomes your messenger bot’s subscriber. Bang.

 Follow this :
     1. “Facebook Lead” menu
     2. Then “Import Lead” and click it.
     3. Find the page click the “Lead List” button.
     4. A pop-up page will come in front of you. Just click the “Migrate lead to Bot” button. After confirming within few seconds or minutes (depends on your leads amount & server) your leads will be migrated as messenger bot subscribers.

You can migrate these leads anytime from eSanou, after enabling bot from your BOT.

After migrating the subscribers, list will be inserted in eSanou BOT subscriber list without First Name, Last Name.  But no wory, our system is set to automate of updating First Name, Last Name.

Now your Messenger BOT Subscriber list is ready. You can add label to them but manually or send with Subscriber Bulk Broadcast.

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80% OFF Discount to All packages

You are about to convert web visits and facebook posts comments into valuable messaging app leads with our Social Media Marketing Secret Tools Software with a big discount.

Maybe you was using a free trial and that get expired, or your membership get expired. Today we are offering you possiblity to renew your membership with 80% OFF – and this offer is limited.

To upgrade with discount, it is simple

  1. Login to your account to 
  2. At your left menu, click to Payment
  3. Select package you want to order
  4. Go and Pay
  5. That is all

NB: With this offer, you realy get all for cheap. Package price with the discount, is starting from $2.50/month with unlimited features and unlimited uses.

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What is

eSanou ( is a revolutionary, powerful and complete messenger marketing application, built using Facebook and Facebook Messenger API, which allows us to communicate directly with Facebook pages newsfeed and inbox, without the need to create your own application.

eSanou is a Master Facebook Messenger Marketing Software; it is a very new and surprising invention for internet marketing. Facebook is providing some technique for marketing that are hidden and nobody knows yet.

Facebook doesn’t provide any front-end interface to use this powerful feature. It’s possible by using some good programming knowledge only. The most interesting part is , it’s totally free marketing that is 50 times better than email marketing.

We have made a tool for our own business and got massive success that you can’t imagine. eSanou is the world first bulk message sender to Facebook messenger subscriber. It’s the best alternative of email marketing which is more powerful.

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Wallets, wallets, BTC wallets everywhere

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How bit’s made: the creation of Bitcoins

Continually enable collaborative platforms rather than leveraged core competencies. Energetically creates premier ROI with user-friendly potentialities. (more…)

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Hello world!

Welcome to Creptaam Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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