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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it need to configure my own API ?

    No, you don’t need an API for yourself. You just need to accept apps request. We have setup all API officialy already.

  • Is there any possibility to block my account ?
    The application is developed with facebook official API. So everything is designed in leagal way.

    But you shouldn’t be too much aggressive and shouldn’t do abusive use. So use delay feature during sending bulk message. And split your campaign with small number of leads.

    This application is tested for several months, before launching and also we use in our own business. There is no problem. But we are not responsible for your abusive use.

  • When an auto reply is sent to commenter, is he added as leads ?

    Yes. He will be eligible for sending message. After syncing page, leads will be imported in software.

  • How can help me get more leads ? has some great tools for your facebook marketing that will help your build your messenger leads easily. Private auto reply, Message Us Button, Chat Plugin, Messenger Ad Campaign, Message Page CTA post all help you to generate messenger leads.

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