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Migrate Manychat, Chatfuel Or Others Old Messenger Leads Into eSanou.com

eSanou March 20, 2019 0 Comments

We are gladly informing you that Facebook has brought few changes and it becomes fortune to us. From now, you can migrate your old leads that you have achieved through using manychat or chatfuel or other services.  eSanou.com can work with all old leads of your page’s messenger. From there you can send message but slowly.

eSanou BOT subscribers are those who give message & get reply from bot after enabling bot from eSanou. But good news is, now you can migrate your old leads from eSanou  into eSanou  subscribers. That’s really a big option opening for you. Just think about that you have thousands of leads on your pages and surprisingly these leads becomes your messenger bot’s subscriber. Bang.

 Follow this :
     1. “Facebook Lead” menu
     2. Then “Import Lead” and click it.
     3. Find the page click the “Lead List” button.
     4. A pop-up page will come in front of you. Just click the “Migrate lead to Bot” button. After confirming within few seconds or minutes (depends on your leads amount & server) your leads will be migrated as messenger bot subscribers.

You can migrate these leads anytime from eSanou, after enabling bot from your eSanou.com BOT.

After migrating the subscribers, list will be inserted in eSanou BOT subscriber list without First Name, Last Name.  But no wory, our system is set to automate of updating First Name, Last Name.

Now your Messenger BOT Subscriber list is ready. You can add label to them but manually or send with Subscriber Bulk Broadcast.

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