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New features: eSanou Messenger Bot Analytics

eSanou May 6, 2019 0 Comments

eSanou Messenger Bot Analytics is a very effective eSanou.com Bot that can display your complete page’s bot analytics graphically in terms of messaging conversation, new conversations, active conversations, blocked conversations, reported conversations etc. This module displays live analytics data of your page every time you see the result. Now you will know how many connections your page has and how many active conversations your page has day to day. Have an overall picture about the content you sent to people in terms of reports and blocks.

Key Features:

  • Messaging Connections
  • Daily Unique New Conversations
  • Daily Active Conversations
  • Daily Unique Blocked Conversations
  • Daily Unique Reported Conversations
  • Daily Unique Reported Conversations by Type
  • Daily Unique Reported Vs Blocked Conversations
  • Unlimited Page & Module Based Access Control
For more details, please visite the link bellow

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