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Distribution, referencing and dereferencing rules

Distribution, referencing and dereferencing rules

If this is your first time posting an ad on this site (eSanou.com), start by registering by entering your name, email address and/or telephone number.

Other additional information will be requested from you on the site if you place the ad in a professional setting (company, business, etc.).

It is important to remember and respect the following points when placing an ad on this site:

  • The text of the ad must necessarily describe the product, the good, the service of the ad. Ads containing general text such as "many products for sale in our store" are not accepted.
  • The text of the same ad must not offer several properties. For a product, the advertisement must be placed in a category corresponding to the subject of the advertisement, down to the detail:
  1. Ad Title
  2. Product Pictures
  3. Description
  4. Specification (new or used product)
  5. Location of the product (city and/or town)
  6. Phone number and/or Whatsapp number

However, for certain advertisements such as the sale of vehicles, other related information will be requested from you.

  • You must delete an old advertisement before inserting a new one relating to the same property. You cannot simultaneously have the same advertisement several times on the site (in several categories).
  • Exchanges are allowed on the site. You must indicate the total price of the property in the "Price" field
  • Only professionals have the right to post job offers in the Employment category.


Any advertisement containing text elements (words, expressions, sentences, etc.) which would seem contrary to the legal or regulatory provisions, to good morals, to the rules of distribution of our site or likely to disturb or shock readers will be refused by eSanou, therefore not referenced on our site, without this giving rise to the benefit of the advertiser any right to compensation.


It is forbidden to post an advertisement exclusively written in foreign terms. Ads must be written in French, in order to guarantee the length of its reach. When a foreign term cannot find its equivalent in French, it must be circumscribed in a fairly precise manner so as not to mislead the user of the site;

Including terms or descriptions unrelated to the proposed content; Presenting an abusive use of keywords; directly or indirectly direct to a site other than ours, of a political, sectarian, discriminatory, sexist nature, in connection with organizations or persons responsible for crimes against humanity, etc.


As a user of the eSanou service, you must ensure that the property you are looking to sell or buy is a product authorized on the site and whose sale is legal.

We invite you to read the products/goods/services prohibited on our eSanou.com site:

  • Tobacco, drugs and associated objects, dangerous and illicit substances, medicine and parapharmacy,
  • Edged combat or self-defense weapons, firearms, explosives, hunting traps, Adult Content (pornography, nudity, etc.)
  • Certain plant and animal species that are protected, threatened or taken from their natural environment
  • Returnable objects, Call for private financial donations or for humanitarian purposes, search notice for a person, product bearing protected emblems.

We make it clear that this list is far from exhaustive.


The photographs inserted must represent the property for sale and cannot be used to illustrate several advertisements. It is forbidden to insert photos featuring minor children, only logos (with the exception of the Employment and Services ad categories), links to a website, representations unrelated to the proposed offer.


By default, ads are listed in chronological order: the last ad published in a category will appear first in the results page for ads within the category concerned and according to the criteria selected.


If you want to post an ad (good or service), post it according to the category to which it belongs. Otherwise ; your ad will not be published, or will be deleted if necessary. eSanou distributes all the goods and services of the following categories:

  • Furnishing
  • Art and Decoration
  • Automotive
  • Library
  • Use
  • Immovable
  • Computer science
  • Fashion, Clothing and Beauty
  • Spare parts
  • Foodstuffs
  • Service
  • Others

The "Other" category will be used only in the event that your ad cannot be classified in one of the categories mentioned above. This category is closed to professionals.